TMC can direct or assist in the development of strategic marketing and communications plans, which may include everything from overarching strategies to specific action items that address both internal and external audiences. We can help you further define the audiences you need to reach and determine the most cost-effective ways to reach them. Having this frame work also allows us more creative freedom for implementation.

Public relations is an integral part of every successful communications program. At its best, public relations is much more than distributing news releases to a laundry list of editors and reporters. Rather, we believe that many components must work together when it comes to having a successful public relations program. It all starts with customizing communications messages to the audiences we want to reach. Our PR planning process involves assessing your current situation, researching successful models, evaluating existing resources, and developing a set of strategies with clearly measurable objectives and tactics.

TMC has mutual beneficial relationship with the communities in which we operate. We make sure our clients gain a number of long-term benefits in terms of community support, loyalty, and good will through our community relations programs, helping you achieve visibility as a good community organization.

The growth of social media has changed the way organizations communicate with their audiences. TMC has utilized social media as a platform for increased communication that creates brand awareness, credibility, community engagement and consistent messaging for our clients.

It takes more than direct translations to connect with Spanish-speaking Hispanics. Hispanic marketers must relay on concepts and ideas between languages to uncover brand insights that connect with consumers in meaningful and culturally relevant ways. TMC understands key characteristics in each Hispanic market segment because we are one of them. We live and breathe Arizona's Latino community everyday. We have insights on how to reach them, and what it takes to motive them to action.

With so many options available across media platforms for clients brand or product, TMC will ensure your investment will be maximized to the fullest giving our clients the highest ROI. Our extensive knowledge of the market aids us in developing the most comprehensive advertising media plans to achieve the marketing campaign objectives. Our relationships in the market help us deliver results-driven media planning and execution across every media.

TMC serves as one-stop-shop for many of our clients, providing an array of graphic design, writing and production services. Indeed good graphic design is often just the tip of the iceberg. It's where good collateral materials start but certainly not where they end. Our first step is to consider our target audiences' languages and cultural nuances. After that, we seek a marriage of form and function to develop communications that sustain interest in our clients' messages and influence desired action by target audiences.

TMC excels at outreach programs targeted to the Latino community. Perhaps it's because we've done it for several clients, from non-profit organizations and small businesses to professional sports teams and large financial services companies. There's a science to the process but there's also an art in that you can't assume every community is just the same. It's all about connecting with our clients' target audiences and becoming a relevant part of their lives.

At TMC we have the capability to develop plans that help our clients maintain a favorable image amid a vulnerable environment. We develop defensive strategies to clarify misinformation, along with offensive strategies that enable the client to solidify its position as an important part of the community.